Village Holašovice - Špejchar u Vojty English Version

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The typical South Bohemian village of Holašovice is a village of Jankov.
It is located in the South Bohemian Region, 15 km west of České Budějovice and less than 30 km north of Český Krumlov, at 494 m above sea level, in the south-western edge of the Blanský les PLA, under the wooded hills of Skalka, Švehlán and Vysoká.
The area is located at the southern edge of the important cultural and historical area of ​​South Bohemia, Blat, which is typical of the village environment, with valuable village spaces and the sensitive setting of these settlements in the surrounding countryside.
Thanks to its uniqueness, Holašovice was inscribed on the UNESCO List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage, especially for its extraordinary architectural and urbanistic values.
They represent a unique surviving set of farmsteads, which were reconstructed in the course of the 19th century into a specific form of the so-called peasant baroque. Unique is the still intact form of the ground plan, the parcelation and the structure of the building, which is an example of village urbanism from the period of the peak phase of medieval colonization.
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